I accommodated a guy who runescape 2007 gold asks me

I accommodated a guy who runescape 2007 gold asks me to bandy his GP from OSRS to RS3. Keep in apperception this guy is a staker, told me he won gp at the arena, and capital to barter his 07 gp for RS3 gp.This is important, bethink this traveling advanced Again, I accomplish money off of merching the bandy rates.

I've swapped for humans for years. Annihilation afflicted at all, aggregate I did for this bandy is how it's been done aback i aboriginal started. So I'm larboard apprehensive what in fact happened to me. I allocution with accompany and even addition mercher who allegedly aswell got perm banned for swapping.

All I wish is a fair chiral review. Aggregate can be seen, babble logs, barter history, go aback as far as you like, It will prove that I did annihilation wrong. I am not associated to the being I traded in any way abreast from them swapping with me.

It just sucks to be lumped into the aforementioned RS gold class as a RWT blackmailer for swapping gp for them and accomplishing what I anticipation was accepted business. To conclude, what I am allurement for is a chiral analysis of the ban placed on my annual by a jmod. To the jmods and college ups who see this.

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