However in the context RuneScape gold of multiple

However in the context RuneScape gold of multiple religious participation a different idea of religious freedom would emerge  one that the Indian constitution and the Indian census do not, ironically, support  the freedom to profess multiple religions without being asked to choose one or to change into another.

Sharma concludes, In the Eastern context  freedom of religion means that the person is left free to explore his or her religious life without being challenged to change his or her religion. Such exploration need not be confined to any one religion.

And may freely embrace the entire religious and philosophical heritage of humanity.This explains the difference between evangelical activity and, for instance, the spread of Indian traditions. Indian traditions can best be regarded as practical learning traditions.

They rarely required disavowal OSRS Gold of existing belief or tradition. Learning traditions like the teachings of the Buddha could thus be accretive  as they were in China and Japan. To accept the message of the Buddha did not mean to consign one’s ancestors to hell or to reject existing community practices.