How to make and use a combat bracelet to teleport in OSRS

One of the best things about Old School RuneScape is the huge world that players can explore. But it becomes a problem when you need to get on the map quickly, whether you're looking for or trying to get hold of that shiny Runescape gold.

But now, instead of wasting time traveling from one place to another to talk to a gentleman, you can use a combat bracelet (CB) to teleport instantly.

Now you may be wondering what CB is and how to use it. That is why we have created this guide to explain how to make and use the Battle Bracelet for teleportation.

What is a combat bracelet?

It is actually a Dragonstone bracelet enchanted with a level 5 jeweler spell. The bracelet allows players to teleport to combat guilds. In addition to teleporting, the combat bracelet also has some additional functions.

CB also tracks the murder job, you can see how many homicides are left to do the murder job. It also gives you extra points for attack and defense. Compared to gloves, Mithgril gives +1 attack and -1 defense points.

How to make a combat bracelet

As we mentioned, CB is a Dragonstone Enchanted Bracelet, so the first thing we need to create a CB is a Dragon Rock Bracelet. A Dragonstone bracelet can be made using the form of the bracelet itself, by attaching a gold bar to a Dragonstone bracelet and placing it in a furnace.

Now that the Dragonstone bracelet is ready we have to enchant it with a level 5 jewelry spell. And when we do, we will need more materials including 15 earth runes, 15 water runes and some space runes to complete the fight, make the bracelet.

How to use a combat bracelet?

Using a combat bracelet is very easy, and you may already know it if you've been playing Old School for a while. For players to use this bracelet, you must first go to your inventory, find the combat bracelet, right-click on it, and select the "Rub" option that appears.

Another way to use your Combat bracelet is to wear the bracelet and right-click, which will bring up a list of destinations you want to go to.

Where can we travel?

Battle Bracelet allows you to travel to battle-related guilds, and here is a list of possible destinations that you can teleport to:

   Warriors’ Guild

   Champions’ Guild

   Edgeville Monastery

   Ranging Guild

However, please note that each time you use the bracelet to teleport, the fee will be subtracted from the total of the 4 charges you have, and then you will have to recharge the bracelet. You can recharge your Combat Bracelet at Totem Pole in Legends' Guild, Tears of Seren Fountain, or from Geyser Titan. Hope this guide helps you understand how the combat bracelet is made and used for teleportation in OSRS.