He didn’t get it. My first RS gold teamwork

He didn’t get it. My first RS gold teamwork experience was also thanks to this game. Learning the efficiency of time and resources working with others, compared to being solo was a gamechanger.

The infamous GRAND EXCHANGE. 

Quite confident I can say that this feature of the game helped me the most. The G.E taught me demand and offer, speculation and how it all can fluctuate prices. This also taught me that rich get richer smh.

Making friends from all over the world and learning about the different cultures, keeps on helping me even nowadays.

The last but not least important fact that I learned thanks to this lovely game, was art. I learned how to proper appreciate the incredible pieces of art made by other players Nieve, the sandwich lady and even God Ash.

Thank you for reading this.I would like to read your opinio OSRS Gold and what else has this game taught you throw your Runescape career.Share the love and appreciate all the fun and good things this game has offered you.