Group Ironman mode in RuneScape lives up to an old promise

For several years, Old School RuneScape players have been able to increase the difficulty of the online MMORPG without allowing the Ironman account to trade with other players. Many like this extra difficulty level despite the iconic Old School RuneScape base difficulty as it brings a new experience to a game where everything has to be done by the player himself. The experience is rewarding and gives the right to bragging rights to the involved players, although it can be quite lonely.

Old School RuneScape is a revival of the MMORPG released in 2007, restored due to the large population of the current game preferring an older version to the newest RuneScape 3. Despite a revival of the antiquated RuneScape that is extremely faithful, it retains its original form continues to add fan favorite features to meet the needs of modern gamers. On October 6, one of the newest additions was the long-awaited "Group Ironman" mode.

Nostalgic game with modern updates

Old School RuneScape has added a significant amount of content since February 2013. In addition to adding additional boss challenges, Jagex collaborated with the community to shape new features. Since the introduction of the Ironman Mode, players have asked for even more flexible ways to play. Since then, Hardcore Ironman has been released, where the player is given the title "Hardcore" until death. The addition of these extra layers made Old School RuneScape very special compared to its original incarnation.

While the community appreciated the addition of Hardcore Ironman mode, many participating players found it a solitary experience. With the possible launch of RuneScape on Switch and the ability to play on mobile devices, the MMORPG experience has grown considerably, so it can feel isolating if you can't trade with others. To break this cycle, the community started proposing a kind of "team" mode.

This was initially rejected as the requirements to refresh such old 2007 code seemed too difficult at first. But Old School RuneScape continued to grow and break records for concurrent players, and in October 2019, Jagex announced that it had begun work on a game mode called Group Ironman. The community celebrated the possible future of Old School RuneScape, but Jagex never gave a hard release date.

RuneScape's story is filled with seemingly endless possible extras thanks to moderator comments and community suggestions. The developer regularly polls the game so that players can vote on any updates. A recent example of this was a poll for the implementation of the RuneScape HD mod, which has since passed the voting stages. Even if these polls pass, the public will never be guaranteed a release date as it can be difficult to develop current and future content simultaneously.

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