Great bosses to earn at OSRS

OSRS gold plays a big role in the popular MMO game. Currency is earned in various ways, one of which is by hiring bosses. So, if you've been looking for ways to earn OSRS GP in a totally unique way, here are some suggestions for you.


The first boss on the list is the Hell dog Cerberus, who can take up to three million OSRS gold from you every hour. However, there is a problem with this Cerberus Hellhound boss as you need to have fairly high stats to defeat him. Armor is also the key to surviving this battle.

To unlock the boss, you must have a job of Hellslayer or Cerberus to have a chance to start a fight.

Abyssal Father

For the same amount of gold, you can compete with the Abyssal Father. You need to raise your stats to 90 and be a slayer at level 85 as well. To access this boss you also need to be the boss of the Abyssal Sire or Abyssal Demons. There are also some rare loot to help you get those profits, but to make sure you use your hourly wages you will need to hone your combat skills to be able to keep up with the OSRS GP rates by the hour.

Dagannoth Kings

For a different three million OSRS gold stake you can compete with the Dagannoth Kings, and the advantage is that they are fairly easy to beat. The three kings, known as Dagannoth Rex, Supreme, and Prime, require you to change your fighting methods with each encounter, but they shouldn't be too much trouble for you. In addition, you can increase the amount of OSRS gold you can get by fighting solo with these Runescape bosses. Get your combat skills up to 80+ and you'll be collecting gold in no time.


If you change anything from kings to snakes, Zulrah will raise your hourly gold rate to four million. This is one of the most popular Old School Runescape bosses you can face when it comes to OSRS gold crafting in the game. Not only will we see a significant and consistent increase in the amount of gold you will be earning every hour, you will also notice that there are quite significant decreases in this fight. In particular, we get the Toxic Blowpipe, which many would consider one of the best weapons in the entire game.

If you want to access this Runescape boss, you'll need to deal with the Regicide quest and make sure your range, such as Twisted Bow and Magic Stars, is large enough to take the battle. You get 175,000 gold for each kill, so it's a very profitable boss to consider.


Once you're done with the snakes, it's time to go and find the dragons. In this particular case, we're looking at Vorkath. Considered one of the best bosses in the game, he is unlocked by completing the Dragon Slayer II quest. For each kill you get drops of Dragonbone and Dragonskins, earning you 64,000 drop only.

You can expect to download about five million GPO OSRS per hour. This makes it one of the best ways to complete the entire game if you are willing to take the time and meet the necessary requirements.

Ultimately, in Old School Runescape, you'll come across a wealth of different ways to earn gold. Many will choose to buy OSRS Gold instead of using the methods available, but these OSRS bosses may be one way you don't need to look for OSRS Gold for sale. That said, you'll have to take your time if you want to get the job done efficiently enough that you can earn a large amount of gold on an hourly basis.