Game got the most innovative game RS gold award

Game got the most innovative game RS gold award in It’s a fresh new idea that’s never been done before, one you should definitely consider trying.The Room | Paid The Room  | Paid The Room  | PaidThe room series

is a bunch of puzzle games in which you attempt to crack some sort of safe containing the secrets of some weird symbol and the meaning of life, apparently The story is incredibly vague. This game is the most

innovative puzzle game I’ve played on android. Whenever you solve a puzzle, the safe opens new gizmos and unfolds into something entirely else. While most puzzles are usually on a flat surface of some kind,

the puzzles here are entire D areas just begging to be explored on every level. The graphics and general polish of the series is beyond amazing. It might actually be the most immersive game on Android. The

game has a very creepy atmosphere and even some scenes cheap RS gold that made me jump because I didn’t expect something to move.Sadly, each one of these games can be pleted in about  hours, which is understandable and honestly pretty fair. I’d take quality over quantity any day. If you enjoy intricate and very interesting puzzles, absolutely buy this game.