Furthermore Jagex's efforts to OSRS Gold attract new

Furthermore Jagex's efforts to OSRS Gold attract new players are...? Likely hush hush as far as the playerbase knows, but it feels like a failure to leverage modern marketing. OSRS got helped bigtime by it's Youtube/Twitch community but what does RS have

I've never seen RS market it's gameplay whereas OSRS' marketing IS it's gameplay. So about regular content. You remember what that's like? Because I do. I'm looking at the number of quests released in 0 on the wiki. There are two.

There were six, even if four were part of that botched Menaphos rollout.You get the idea. It's easy to get the impression that RS is a dying game when the amount of content being released is ever shrinking and the hiccups that come with each piece of content more notable than the last.

Runescape threw away it's visual nostalgia factor and to this day RS gold I have no idea why. And I'm not referring to the addition of new content that eclipses 'iconic' items like the D Scim/Fighter Torso, or introducing new training methods that surpass old ones. Fuck that, give me more of