For Xenon and OSRS Gold Angelic buster

For Xenon and OSRS Gold Angelic buster, if there isn't any more energy to use a skill, it ought to use MP but give a weaker buff unless a more powerful preceding enthusiast was present. In terms of Angelic Buster, instead of failing a skill it could just use the skill but with lower damage.

This is simply a proposal to rework the gameplay mechanisms of characters so that things don't happen at inconvenient timesMake inactive party members profit 0 exp from party killsFirst off, I don't agree with having the ability to kick people in the middle of the PQ for various reasons.

Dealing any quantity of harm to your boss counts as killing a mob with this definition.To discourage only having inactive buff mules in your celebrations, an inactive celebration member will still count as a normal party member when calculating the exp reduction you get for kills.

I was hoping to strike gold again, because I'm a free rs gold swap player and grinding c-bills for mechs is a little time consuming! I need to buy smart My experience so far has mostly been in various Hunchback builds.

I think that may have factored into the suggestion last time for the Madcat.

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