For addition chargeless coffer booster

Is it assuredly time for addition chargeless coffer booster? I've been account about Menaphos for the accomplished few days, and can't brainstorm there will not be absolutely a few new items advancing out with it.

That calm with the Arc, Invention, a ton of altered TH beforehand items and accident items, some accidental new items like the luck rings, adventure rewards and such, the skillcape allowances amend and so on warrants added coffer amplitude in my opinion, and it has been such in every MMO I accept played as time has gone on.

I copypastad my column on addition thread, that ability be relevant:

Mod Kelpie talked about this a while ago in a stream. Humans capital to apperceive if they'd get added bankspace with the coffer rework. Kelpie declared that the accepted bulk of coffer spaces is basically the max bulk if you ambition your coffer to run smoothly and accessible instantly (which abundance already doesn't, takes several abnormal for all icons to appear). Adding added coffer spaces would beggarly added abstracts to bulk if application the bank.

They charge to move a ton of bits out of the coffer then.

Stuff like ores/logs, 100 types of mushrooms, summoning scrolls, etc charge to be confused out of the bank.

I beggarly the bold is 16 years old for fuck sake, and anniversary year we get hundreds of new items, yet the coffer doesn't grow, if it can't grow(which is understandable), some accepting just needs to be confused out.

Especially now if we got gizmos/ dozens of versions of aggrandized armours, accepting doesn't stack. So accepting like crafting mats should absolutely go to a ability accessory storage.

Other amateur already do this, Buy RuneScape Gold and basically leave backing for mostly armour/weapons and some odd accepting actuality and there.

They had the appropriate abstraction with the Coins pouch, but added accepting needs to go.