Even if the native RS gold traditions were

Even if the native RS gold traditions were resourced and aware to respond to the evangelical activity, to be forced to respond to it is also a curtailment of their freedom. This is because a response to evangelical activity in kind.

Will invariably turn the traditions into a mirror image of those religions and into a caricature of their own traditions they would have end up accepting the position of the proselytizing creeds that religion is a competitive endeavor and is a global war.

In a war, they would study how to bring the fight to the other side. So as the Baptists launched their mission to convert the Nagas, the Nagas would launch missions to convert the Baptists. The fact that they don’t is the fundamental difference between the two kinds of religious systems that leads to the asymmetry of motivation.

As Swami Dayananda Saraswati writes in an open letter to the OSRS Gold Pope You cannot ask me to respond to conversion by converting others to my religion because it is not part of my tradition.  Thus, conversion is not merely violence against people.