Earning stubs is quite RuneScape gold near

Earning stubs is quite RuneScape gold near impossible this year if you don't make investments or flip the market. for the April career missions it says you only make around 4K stubs for completing all of them. It's quite easy to tell this is a money grab.

Wants you to pay for stubs, and this year they are more aggressive then ever as a pay for play game.packs seem about the usual. I took me 6 fifty bundles before I finally got a diamond golds will be dirt cheap and silvers will be more expensive this year.

Souvenirs are poorly designed, and provide no value other than to monetize SDS. You can grind for these players, but you better have hats and diamond bats and all of that. Only way to get them is to pay for them, or to get them in the daily pack. These grind players are in fact pay for play.

The fielding is worse than last year. not essentially OSRS Gold infield plays, but outfielders seem to make more errors. you can't change directions. the opponent can get an inside the park HR. You can't switch players, sometimes it bugs out.

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