Dungeon Cards Dungeon Cards is a minimalist OSRS Gold

Dungeon Cards Dungeon Cards is a minimalist 'dungeon crawler' in a x or x board where you try to carefully move around, kill enemies, sneak past traps OSRS Gold and not die It's a puzzlestrategy roguelike that has a ton of content and very high replay ability.Games that are fun but didn’t make it onto either lists Plague Inc Because it has a very poor microtransactions model and very intrusive ads. Also, because of the controversial business that this game made.

This game is almost a direct ripoff of a flash game called Pandemic, and no, they’re not by the same devs. While this game is better, I’ll admit, it still feels extremely unfair that the flash game developer had his idea ripped off. These guys made a crapton of money by copying a guy who was developing for fun. See here for info about it.Terraria It’s a fantastic game but it just doesn’t work on a small touch screen. Even on tablets, it’s just really unfortable. I’d get this on either PC or consoles instead.    

Piano Tiles It’s a pretty awesome game with SO much content, but I felt like it got pretty repetitive pretty fast.Zenonia  I bash the sequels pretty hard, but I still think zenonia  is a good game. Not anywhere near as good as the first which don't work anymore but it’s something. Also note that this needs an active internet connection ugh… But I still enjoyed my time with it, it's one of my favorite RPG games on Android.Smash Hit It’s a really interesting game about managing your balls that sounded much worse than it should’ve and using them to break glass and hit switchesdoors But I also felt like it was starting to get bland by the middle, especially since it's almost impossible to win without constantly replaying the same levels over again so you can play more efficiently.

Sadly, Smash Hit wasn't the smash hit we were waiting for old school rs gold rimshot Kingdom Rush I get it, people really love this game, but I found it a little simple for my tastes. Still a really good tower defense but I vastly prefer Infinitode and BTD.Gumballs Dungeons It’s a really fun game but sadly I felt like it got old fast. Spent a couple of hours then got bored by the rd set of levels. While it does get progressively harder and later levels need more strategy, it just feels like there isn't much new mechanics to keep me going.