Current laws provide little RS gold recourse to the target

Current laws provide little RS gold recourse to the target groups to prevent missionary activities in their midst, even when it causes conflict and tensions within the communities.For instance, Talom Rukbo, the father of the Donyipolo Movement in Arunachal Pradesh.

The churchChristian missionariesquickly capitalized on the innocence of our forefathers. They fraudulently convinced our people that we were barbarians and converted some into Christianity.  They declared that the converted persons must discard the animist practices.  

Our festivals and that our Gods and Godesses were Saitan evil spirits Satan.  Slowly this created frequent disturbances and social disharmony. The Christian missionaries were stooping to the lowest, most uncivilized means to tear social fabric of our society apart.

Unfortunately the current human rights regime makes it very cheap RS gold difficult for even democratically elected governments to restrict missionary activity.Can one say no to missionary activity While there are laws to restrict intrusive commercial solicitation and deceptive marketing practices these do not apparently do not apply to the sales forcexxiv of the religious multinationals.