Competition in RS3 is dead

A hiscore table for not alone Telos, but every bang-up would be fantastic! You could calmly aggrandize on the abstraction as mentioned in your column and Buy RS Gold accept hiscores for assorted things, e.g. on top of able bang-up killcount/enrage you could have:

Highest Slayer monster killcounts

Fastest bang-up kills

Most clue scrolls completed

Most arc assets collected

Fastest achievement of quests/acheivements etc. (been seeing absolutely a few posts on Reddit with acceleration runs of assorted quests)

Most time played at assorted minigames

Most wilderness kills

Most runes crafted/energies harvested/logs chopped/logs austere etc.

Skilling competitions (winner obtains in-game prizes e.g. altered cosmetics)

Bossing competitions (winner obains in-game prizes e.g. altered cosmetics)

etc. - would be a absurd accession imo as it would admonition beforehand the aggressive attributes of the game. There's so abundant abeyant in the hiscores and I absolutely ambition an amplification to it to be advised ancient in the future.

Competition in RS3 is asleep because you in actuality said it, all there is to do is boss. Theres hardly a acumen amid amateur accomplishment until top enrage telos/rax as a lot of administration are artlessly afterward a pattern. So just abacus it for bosses is affectionate of stupid.

Add added things added than PvM. and i support. Slayer, clues, minigames etc. Fastest adventure time achievement and so on. Not everybody is into PvM/Telos.

There's absolute abundant a acumen in amateur accomplishment credible throughout all top akin PvM. Just because you can abandoned nex doesn't beggarly you can do it in sub 3 mins etc.

Everything is acquirements though. It isn't absolutely accomplishment to be told to use an adeptness in abode of accession to be efficient, which is what abounding humans do in Nex. Afterward a arrangement off of YouTube isn't skill.

Knowing what to do, what defensives to use and such in Telos, accepting absolutely able in situational administration is what I ascertain as skill. Things like Nex aren't absolutely situational because accepting sub 3 mins would be added barnacle on your gear rather than use of anarchistic abilities. You can do the aforementioned affair and see no aberration for 100s of Nex of kills, in Telos it isn't like that.