Cheap RS Gold so at least the improvements are ongoing

RSGOLE Cheap RS Gold - The fact that each piece is removable and upgradable is a huge plus, as you'll only have to spend, say for example, 120 on a new 1440p screen instead of buying a new 500 headset outright. The 1.3 version I have was quite

uncomfortable after prolonged use, because there was no foam or soft material covering my nose, and the hard metal casing of the optics dug into my nose after 15 or so minutes of a headset weighing down on it, but the 1.4 version has a

nose bridge included,Cheap RS Goldso at least the improvements are ongoing and promising the nose bridge will be purchasable for me as a separate and cheap addon this month too I've heard! . The screen brightness is quite nice too I've

tried virtual reality solutions before where the screen is too dim, and doesn't pull you in enough as a result.I'd imagine with the filter for the screen to reduce the pixelscreen effects the display currently has, and a more comfortable

nose bridge, the 1.4 version on sale now is the best version for people to enter the Virtual Reality space with, at a low price, and with only a little bit of tweaking required as new developers and publishers are signing up to natively

support the OSVR framework every day. So in conclusion, is the OSVR HDK a capable and wise alternative to the Rift or the Vive? Like most questions of this nature it depends. For a developer on a budget, who wants to create virtual

reality experiences, but lacks the funding to purchase an expensive headset, then I would instantly recommend this as your development unit.