But this means that RuneScape gold crafting

But this means that RuneScape gold crafting typically results in a profit loss. Even when there is a profit to be made, the margin doesn't seem worth the processing time, and processing resources you've gathered yourself just means you're spending more time.

And getting less profit than you would by selling the raw resource.Pointless skills: Since crafting items mostly results in a net negative, there is no real reason to train the skills in the first place, aside from quest requirements, because they can't make you money.

On the other hand, players training the skills anyway will sell most products back on the GE to minimize loss, making it cheap and easy for you to readily obtain equipment. If it's cheaper and quicker to buy the item.

Then there's no reason to train the skill to make the runescape gold bar item for yourself either.Skills are too easy to train, making them less meaningful: I went from level 3 in crafting to level 40 within a few hours by purchasing large quantities of gold bars and silver ores and turning it into jewelry.

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