But its caused a disgustingly OSRS Gold imbalanced

But its caused a disgustingly OSRS Gold imbalanced game where you only skill because you have to for a quest diary requirement. You feel like you're wasting your time and contributing nothing to the economy when PvM dumps 10x more resources in the same time period.

Another awful effect of this greedy design philosophy is that PvM is boring. When OSRS first released bossing was all or nothing. You got a huge signature drop like at Godwars, or you got bunk. If you wanted a steady paycheck you skilled. Now you get everything without a chance of nothing, which makes for a meaningless game.

Ring imbues would be dropped from their respective bosses at twice as rare rates. This would mean that there are always more rings than imbue scrolls. Other minigames like Kingdom management would also be disabled I'm taking this concept to the extreme. Not only skilling supplies would be removed.

Imagine Zulrah where it only drops uniques play time runescape scales and some low value filler loot. Each best in slot gear would be worth tens of millions of gold. That goes for any unique boss drop! The blowpipe would actually be semi balanced by costing as much as it is powerful.

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