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But it was something This Website forth the curve of "holy bits you guys accept to see this". we all met up in the east varrock coffer and fabricated it there quickly. The way he told it, He had followed some guy with a blatant clothing of barrows armor abysmal into the copse beneath the bottom demons.

We even risked a affair hat and a santa hat aggravating to accomplish the bedrock teleport us to wherever it took the dude in abounding verac's. We approved alot of shit, including every emote in foreground of and abaft the rock. It took us a anniversary of trying, afore we apparent that you had to use 10 mil in bill with the bedrock to get in.

Nobody was any advice until we brought it to 4chan, and afterwards getting declared fags for arena runescape, one guy commented that he knew what it was. He declared this bold breadth independent some affectionate of abominable video accumulating one of the developers or mods had hidden there for some reason.

A few filmed assemblage executions from RuneScape gold what looked like the 80s. Only 3 of us actaully were in there and watched some of it. It was sureal, you actually watched your runescape charactcer whatch the awning as you did. It was fascinating.

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