But it's under their terms and RuneScape gold circumstances

But it's under their terms and RuneScape gold circumstances, they will present some sort of bow and arrow type that will not work together, and that these are the only weapons and ammo types you can use in the duel. They will have a functioning bow, you will not

and you will lose the duel and your staked items. Don't fall for it. Your best bet is to report abuse on both players for scamming & ignore both of these people, keep your friends list set to 'Friends only' - This way you can't receive random messages from players you don't know

who are pretending to be on your side and on that, it should be worth adding that you can also set your trade notifications to 'Off' or 'Friends only' - A lot of scammers/lurers will catch players' attention by showing them large amounts of gold or rare items to make them seem like they have legitimate reasons for wanting to fairly deal with you, which again, they never do.

Account Phishing - This is something that you may fall for on an cheap RuneScape gold external website, usually under the form of false advertising. Many account phishing websites will Advertise Double XP or some sort of fake upcoming event, what ever you do