Bringing this item buy OSRS gold into Old School

Bringing this item buy OSRS gold into Old School would destroy the market for anti poisons. To prevent this from happening, the Anti poison totem will contain a charge system. For example, you can use any type of anti poison onto the totem and will contain up to charges.

The effect of the Anti-poison totem will change depending on the type of potion you store in it.All of these items and other items potentially being brought into the game will be polled and the community may decide on the features and strengths of each item.

However I'd prefer that the polling for Dungeoneering and the introduction of Frost Dragons remain separate. To introduce Frost Dragons viably into OldSchool RuneScape, I suggest that they be located deep in the Wilderness.

It would be nice to see how the community gold farming views these changes and if JMods would even consider these changes. Please feel free to post any changes or suggestions, I'll edit this post to show any interesting suggestions that I find in the comments.