Been playing RS for RuneScape gold years

Been playing RS for RuneScape gold years on and off and with the recent release of mobile I’m going to get back into it after a three year hiatus. This is also my first go at old school runescape. Been playing all day First off.

Holy crap main game is a sad garbage fire. I really wish it wasn't so, but the game is so MTX-ridden and top heavy in bad executive decisions that it has clearly permeated the game's culture, (like anime wings and cosmetics out the ass.

Seriously the lacking and half-baked content being introduced, and the countless failed promises and unrealistic goals (Bank Rework . Despite all of this, there are still people on main game that have their heads planted so far up their rears.

They really think RS3 is the driving force behind Jagex's RS gold profits at this point.Also, ignoring EoC feedback didn't historically help either, who else remembers when the playercount sunk to around 15k While things are different on OSRS.