Bad Company 2 will be set in Vietnam

The company discovered surprising opportunity with last summer's Xbox Live and PlayStation Network downloadable Battlefield 1943 -- built by developer teams that were between projects, with a budget in the single-digit millions, the Buy RS Gold

product turned an extremely high margin.It reaped $16 million in revenue, according to Brown, who called it an industry first in terms of the delivery mechanism. Brown also said the step-up in revenue that Bad Company 2 saw from its

robust incremental content was pretty pronounced, and in FIFA's new Ultimate Team mode, we see people spending $500, $600, $700 on digital card packs.The next content pack for Bad Company 2 will be set in Vietnam, a move Brown said was

geared to compete head to head with Call of Duty: Black Ops.We've at least in part kind of cracked the code of how to extend the revenue derived from a physical disc to the digital world, Brown said. Now, the company's goal is to bring

as many of its top-performing brands into the digital space as possible. That's not to say the company will join the naysayers who believe physical goods are immediately on their way out: Contrary to what certain industry representatives

might suggest, interactive entertainment overall... is a growth marketplace, Brown suggests. Even within packaged goods, there are really good growth drivers... [there is] ongoing strength in high-definition platforms for at least the

next three to four years.He called the launches of Kinect and Move a perfect example of platform extensions that remain possible on home consoles, and that more and more publishers will be looking at ways to take a high-definition game

disc, augment it with further content and experiment with DLC. Right now, EA expects to see three quarters of a billion dollars in diversified digital business for the year on the whole. We think we're growing most rapidly in DLC for the

console; the majority of our growth -- 85 percent -- is organic versus acquired,RuneScape Gold and as we look to the future... we think digital starts with the disc and the high-definition platforms...