Azzanadra's Quest appears in RS and continues the Elder Gods story

RuneScape is no stranger to knowledge and exploration. British developer Jagex Studios has introduced a total of 230 missions to its iconic MMORPG over its 20-year history. Today comes another addition to RuneScape's massive to-do list, Azzanadra's Quest. Azzanadra's Quest officially kicks off the Elder Gods storyline and is a direct sequel to Desperate Measures, released on Runescape last July.

Azzanadra's Quest is listed as a seasoned long-term difficulty that must start with a few requirements. You need to complete The Vault of Shadows mini-quest and have at least 58 Agility, 58 Prayer, 58 Archeology and 70 Divination. This makes Azzanadra's Quest only the second quest that has ever required a level of RuneScape's newest skill, Archeology. After completing The Mystery of the Archeology of the Shadow Vault Dr. Nababik in Kharid-et to miss the required mini-quest.

What Azzanadra planned

Building on the events of Desperate Measures, Azzanadra's Quest heralds the official start of the RuneScape's Elder Gods storyline. It has been teasing for a while when the Elder God Wars Dungeon was announced at RuneFest 2019.

Azzanadra is one of the most loyal followers of Zaros. So far, he has agreed to Seren's plan to make peace with the Elders. God's elders are beings that are older than time itself and are said to have created the universe. However, a lack of progress and time left Azzanadra frustrated and he decided it was time to implement his own plan.

The rest of the council focuses on the current elder gods, but Azzanadra doesn't think they're the problem. Despite being in existence for millions of years, they have not yet destroyed Gielinor. Instead, he wants to track down the Old God eggs, which will bring new, more dangerous Old Gods into the world. Preventing these eggs from hatching could save Gielinor's future.

To try out Azzanadra's Quest, head to your very own Burthorpe Castle RuneScape and talk to the council. Assuming you meet all the requirements, the movie should start and you're on your way. A new task is a lot of knowledge and a lot of dialogue. As with most of the newer RuneScape quests, Azzanadra's Quest is voiced, so make sure the audio is turned on for the full experience.

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