At least it should OSRS Gold be that way.

At least it should OSRS Gold be that way. In theory a mage should be able to bind, entangle or otherwise restrict the movement of a melee player, debuff them, etc. However, all of this requires runes, which are quite a luxury when doing PvP. All the melee player has to do is turn on appropriate prayers.

Point and click, and they will be just as effective as a mage with runes. As for rangers, they almost always run the risk of losing their ammo, which gets pretty damn expensive at higher tiers.But let's not forget one problem I have failed to mention until now.

Or have the time/gold costs meet in the middle as it were. This could be achieved through price changes, added/removed quest requirements, vendor relocation, and numerous other measures. This would also include a smithing/mining rework that the devs have been talking about, although that is certainly a tougher change to make properly.

A possible way to change this would be introducing buy OSRS gold some abilities in the vein of EoC, specifically balanced for PvP. For example, melee could be focused on locking down targets within their range, magic could work with crowd control and sustained damage.

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