As it stands now it is RuneScape gold stifling the game

As it stands now it is RuneScape gold stifling the game. Like a suit of armour. In the early years we walked with it on as we walked in the uncertain cold that was OSRS's early days. However we soon found are self in the summer, walking in the desert.

The armour that was originally designed to protect us is now killing us. We have to take the armour off. Remove the training wheels. Any other way i can symbolize its time we doesn't work now, and wont work again later. Like a dead pet we need to bury it. Remove the burden from the game.

More then half voted yes, but not 75%. Its the same as asking the child if they like to take medicine. Of course they are going to say no, but they need the medicine. They have to have it. Even it means shoving it down there throats, at least they wont perish.

with some smaller content to see how people OSRS Gold react to it. is obviously not cutting it for most of the game. So the % needs to be lowered. If equal odds at 50 to 50 still are not cutting it for the game. Then polling should just be simply removed in its entirety.

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