As a secondary server OSRS Gold with

As a secondary server OSRS Gold with few worlds it would be easy to notice botters. Jagex would have to place extra emphasis on bot detection in this area since it would impact the game more. You would think no real person would mine pure essence.

More so than deadman or ironman mode. It's like the polar opposite of the current game. I don't believe the OSRS team is willing to make these drastic changes to an already bloated economy, it would be very tough to make it appeal to the community.

Like a special pickaxe that mines essence every tick, or a special runecrafting pouch only removable at the bank like a looting bag. This way PvM gets a profitable drop but its actually the skillers that ultimately earn it.

With Nightmarezone gone there would be a market for rs gold swap pure essence! Another thing is limpwurts would actually be worth something again, they used to be one of the main money making methods are a F2Per. Dozens of more low level money makers would be viable for new players.

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