Any affectionate of defence in RS3

Loot from agriculture 1 Magister weapon...I relate. Continuing the bullwork afterwards today. Projected final kc if rng continues will be 800 RS Gold or so. For the adulation of god amuse let me get the pet in that time.

Although it's way too backward lol. I awash my weapon for 430m, with a absolute accident of ~250m, or about -8m/hr.

I was planning to bullwork it afore the bang-up came out to yield advantage of the new T92s and a new bang-up release, as I've never been animate with PvM at the time a bang-up was released.

I concluded up not even accepting abutting in time, animated I didn't now.

I would accept abdicate RS for a while in your situation, angelic damn. And you assume to be calm about it as well. Spending hours of your action on an annoying bang-up to lose hundreds of mills.

But at atomic we learnt a assignment to not accident something like this anytime afresh in RS. God forbid a monster has any affectionate of defence in RS3.

Defence and affection are two VERY altered things.

Increasing bang-up bloom pools or accepting players hit abate numbers (i.e DEFENCE), would at atomic accept you feel like you're authoritative progress.

Instead you hit 0s afresh and adjure to in actuality be able to hit, which is absolutely unfun.

I anticipate runescape needs to rework the aegis system. Removing accident assimilation and authoritative aqueous added accepted was the amiss way to go about it IMO.

No one should absence added than 50% unless their weapon(s) or the accompanying action carbon is acutely underleveled or they're application the amiss action appearance adjoin an enemy.

A bold is declared to be fun. This bang-up would be added fun with i.e. 25% beneath aegis and 40% added max health.