And on for a maxed RS gold account If I had

And on for a maxed RS gold account If I had a maxed account there’s no way I’d sell it, especially for anything that low. No one would spend countless hours to get that cape justo sell it for  This has to be Hello everyone

iirc I quit RS in  due to really hating a lot of the changes that were being made or planned to be done. I did login like  times a year just to check these changes in hopes of things getting better, unfortunately with the EoC announcement early  

I gave up and never looked or checked anything RS related since. That is until I saw a OSRS reddit post on all a few weeks ago, since then I have been going through this subreddit and I'm feeling excited to try and play again; especially on mobile Anyways

I would love some answers to a few questions cheap OSRS gold or at least be pointed to where I could find such advice.Also, I know this will be turning into a pretty big text wall but I would appreciate any help for both myself and any new players returning or not; hence, I will be updating this post with any answers I get or find.