And met with a lot of backlash RS gold Shauny says

And met with a lot of backlash RS gold Shauny says they're going to discuss it, and then shortly afterwards a statement gets released saying that there are no plans to change it with no more room for follow up? I've been following OSRS super casually and frankly

The feedback between the playerbase and the mods puts RS to shame.Play long enough and the message is clear, RS is a vessel for MTX first and foremost This one needs little explanation, especially for current players. The promotions are more and more ridiculous and are identical to gacha banners

For anyone who's familiar with those types of phone games. You get keys daily and there's regular events that encourage you to buy keys. RS feels like it's actively marketing keys at you and refuses to let you ever forget that for any roadblock you face, keys are only one credit card swipe away to make them all go away.

Jagex does a lot to make the game unappealing for returning cheap RS gold players. Runescape honestly looks like it's spiraling the drain from the outside and it makes me incredibly sadSeriously, there's a ton of bots just flipping money