And its active cheap RuneScape gold used to scape

And its active cheap RuneScape gold used to scape ganks, create pick-off potentials, and use as vision to seek for the enemy jungler. I normally buy this item when I know Im gonna get ganked frequently, Im against a low-mobility Mid laner.

Morello is a choice which depends on the opposing team. Need damage and no defensive stats Morello. In need of some survivability against those peskin LBs and Ahris running around Welp, heres Athenes for you. But what if you still wanna kill these AP assassins.

Athenes is a choice based on the enemy team, lane match up, and the runes you run. I only go for Abyssal when Im against aggresive LeBlancs, Dianas, or Fizz. It gives Lux's shield a gret value against AP champions and gives so much MR to survive.

If you are ahead and build it as your 2nd item gold grateful after a cdr one, or as item, if in need of more damage after CDR, DCap and Void. It does provide some nice burst mid-game and nice amplification late game.