And I was like why do RS gold annihilation

And I was like why do RS gold annihilation abroad for RNG if I can zulrah for consistant money. If I did that I had all this money I never had aback as a kid and I became a bound aficionado traveling to bound amphitheatre constantly, accident my coffer and branch to zulrah.

It has even been said being like this was why it happened. I would like to add I accept a huge bulk of account for Andrew and mod Ash, and all the poeple at Jagex who fought harder to accomplish Runescape a thing. But there were aswell allegedly some others who did added adverse things aural our admired game.

But we absolutely agreed that it had to accept been a jagex agents member. candidly from what i apperceive about humans that in fact plan for jagex, Im assertive they had to accept accepted about it at some akin the accomplished time.

It was sureal, you actually watched your runescape OSRS Gold charactcer whatch the awning as you did. It was fascinating. Then some idiot fucked us and acquaint a cilia about it in the official RS forums. The bedrock was gone the next time we went there. Either jagex confused it.

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