Alrighty so I've RuneScape gold been tagged

Alrighty so I've RuneScape gold been tagged a few times and mentioned on Twitter regarding this. Might be an upopular opinion but I'm known for saying things as they appear to me so here it goes Paying for protection within the Wilderness is nothing new.

People have been doing it forever. Examples being camping Wilderness bosses for pets, safe travel for HCIM to do Mage Arena 2, Wildy Altar for the best Prayer XP etc.If there are other things going on that involve rule breaking, they'll be looked into by the anti-cheating team.

However, this is the Wilderness and PvP action is most certainly within the rules. There is nothing stopping a group getting together and taking over control of the Revenant Caves themselves, and as such, I personally don't see locking down the Revenant Caves and charging those that want safe farming there as being against the rules.

Is it fun for those unable to farm there without paying a fee OSRS Gold Absolutely not. But there are plenty of other worlds to be used. And well, if you really aren't happy paying the fee but want to farm Revenants on one of these worlds, you could always take over the area by force.

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