Admittedly none of us OSRS Gold know ow long it

Admittedly none of us OSRS Gold know ow long it would take to update this. That is why I asked this question and want a JMOD to answer. If it's an easier fix than anticipated, there is no reason this shouldn't be addressed.

And they WILL be above max cash. Inflation is real RSGP is being easier to obtain and devalues GP. Lower rares, being discontinued, WILL reach max cash eventually too. Why wait to solve this problem. Why not implement it now while the consequences of a new update like this only affect a small portion of the economy.

Platinum tokens, which can be bought here at a rate , then can be used to purchase items at this store in the same fashion as the Grand Exchange. It will be the same function as the GE, but just the currency is now tokens instead of GP.

Items above max cash will be able to be traded on runescape gold amulet the GE once more through the Platinum Token store so supply and demand will slowly determine the item's true price. This is a temporary fix as there might come a day when max cash platinum tokens becomes a thing. I wouldn't bank on it for a while though.

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