About Runescape's upcoming avatar makeover

RuneScape's avatar makeover is now underway, and Jagex today announced more details about the upcoming update. A lot has changed since the elaborate look last month, and the team is eager to talk about their work.

As a game that is 20 years old, RuneScape has undergone many changes. His artwork has been altered multiple times over the past two decades, and this avatar makeover is the latest iteration.

"This is the work of creating main characters that will bring more graphical fidelity to the player's avatar and allow us to lay the groundwork for a long-term vision of the characters' characters," Jagex wrote. Avatars are especially important to RuneScape because they are one of the first things you see when you load the game. That's why Jagex believes it's time to change their appearance.

While there's no set date for the revision to take effect, the team has outlined some new features to expect:

   Updated basic male and female avatars

   16 male and female suits

   62 hairstyles

   18 beard styles

Based on feedback from players, additional changes have been made:

   The shape of the male body changes, the width of the shoulders also decreases

   Improvement of the female figure

   Better balance between hand size and overall model by making new technological improvements

There are five phases of development that need to be completed before the project is ready for launch, and the team is now in the "closing phase" of phase 3. At the moment, the new technology is being tested for compatibility with the rest of the game - if it is once resolved, it enters production stage before finally being released to the public.

Jagex has also released a hilarious infographic with graphic improvements over the years. Needless to say, the situation is much better than in 2001.

The 20th anniversary celebration of RuneScape is now underway and players now have a year-long quest at their disposal. The Preview is the first in the Once Upon a Time questline, where you traverse Gielinor and learn about the past, present and future of the world. To start, head to Varrock and visit the Blue Moon Inn.

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