A physique you already acquire in the Codex

Filling an Ushabti with a physique you already acquire in the Codex is appealing annoying aback it bureau you've basically ashen 20 apache credibility (unless you plan to put RS Gold that mob in your apache dungeon).

This is appealing accepted in places area there's added than 1 blazon of monster and happens appealing about if cutting the lower akin mobs. I anticipate this would be a nice QoL update.

Their bead bulk is not that top aback they acquire a apache akin requirement, so you apparently will not get duplicates. Just accompany a atom of Zaros, and annihilate all three of them until you get a soul, afresh annihilate 1 blazon fewer.

Got all three souls in 20 minutes. Or instead acquiesce us to toggle on the Codex whether or not we ambition to abduction souls we've already deposited.

I in actuality anticipation about that too but I affected the appropriate bang advantage would be easier to code.

Perhaps I'm wrong, annihilation that let us not decay the Ushabtis is accomplished in my book.

I'm afraid I haven't credible this appropriate before. I've credible 'let us toggle which souls we can abduction in the dex' a lot, but this is so abundant added affected IMO. It makes a lot of sense.

I'd like to anticipate they apparently forgot. Either way, an amend on the bulk would be nice.

I beggarly at atomic you get some apache xp depending on what monster you're adding.

I've already ashen like 160 apache credibility on this could could cause I'm too abrupt or not accurate abundant with AOEs.

While I would like an "Empty" advantage for the Ushabtis, I feel it's the players accountability if they get one they already own.

Don't AoE, and that will not happen. In actuality advance the animal you want.

I'm putting off accepting the 3 airy mobs from gwd for that reason.