A guide to the 2022 birthday event at OSRS

As February 22 is approaching the ninth anniversary of OSRS, developer Jagex has held a short event to celebrate the longevity of this version. Most of all, however, the company has placed the event in the desert city of Al-Kharid, the gateway to the deeper Kharidian Desert. With a large desert expansion on the horizon in early 2022, including the legendary Raids 3 - Tombs of Amascut - Jagex seems to see the event as a little preview of what is to come in the old new MMO.

But for now, players can treat themselves to a festival of fishing, cooking and old-fashioned treasure hunts.

Treasure: Scrolls with instructions from Captain Arnav

Arnav, waiting in front of the shore west of Al-Kharid Palace, hid a chest full of valuables somewhere in the city.

In a series of clues like a clue system, it challenges the player to solve a series of 3 puzzles to find out where that chest is.

First role: Four statues

Go to the four statues guarding the central fountain in the courtyard of the Al-Kharid Palace. Perform a dance emoticon and the second clue will reveal itself.

Second role: Anagram (A Learn)

This anagram refers to Ranael, the owner of a plate skirt shop southeast of the palace. After talking to her, she will give the player the third and final clue.

Third Flush: Four means to attack

Zeke, a scimitar merchant north of the palace, sells bronze, iron, steel, and mithril swords. Once addressed, it presents the player with an additional challenge: count each balloon in and on his home.

Remember to count each balloon on one support with three balloons as a separate balloon. Following this logic:

   9 balloons on the first floor

   9 balloons on the second floor

   12 balloons on the roof

   A total of 30 balloons

Fishing: Larry Leprechaun

Larry is in an oasis far north of the palace, near the gate to Al-Kharid. He oversees the fishing competition and will provide the player with the fishing gear needed to participate, but will not tell the player that nothing can be caught in the oasis.

Big Dave, another competitor angler, will recommend that you buy a special bait from Ali Morrisane, a dealer just east of the oasis.

When asked for the bait, Morrisane agrees to trade in exchange for trade reports from Spymaster Osman. However, pay attention to the three Morrisane crates around his stand. Osman will use this information as a security question.

Morrisane's lure guarantees the catch. Even the smallest fish are guaranteed to win in fishing competitions.

Cooking: My arm

Troll My Arm organizes and judges a culinary competition in which it demands something "exciting", "exotic" and supposedly "not boring".

Where the cook claims that his pizza was exciting but not exotic enough for My Hand's taste, and the banana one was exotic but too simplistic to be interesting, Wise Old Man, the only proper way to cook something exotic and exciting, is two things in banana pizza.

   The pail, pot, tomato, cheese and banana needed for this recipe can be found in the cupboard in the northeast

   Fill the pot with flour from the tray, and a bucket with water from the sink

   Combine the flour and water to make a pizza dough

   Use the tomato and cheese based pizza to make uncooked pizza

   Bake a pizza in a clay oven

   Use a banana on a baked pizza to add one final sprinkle

On the advice of Hans, it's also best to intentionally burn the banana pizza so that the end product fits the troll's flavor better.

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