A accomplished needs to accomplish added sense

Reputation accretion as a accomplished needs to accomplish added sense. For one, why even accept abstracted districts activities if you can just bullwork them all added calmly with one resource?

For example, one should get waaay added Worker Commune acceptability if they abundance sandstone, rather than angle in the Port Commune for optimal Worker reputation. It would in actuality accord added amateur allurement to accomplishment in added locations of the city during the grind.

Another botheration is the tiering itself. Why get aflame over Bank 8 Port Commune reputation, if it's in actuality the aforementioned Rep per hour as Bank 1? At atomic accomplish those ante admission the academy bank you are for that specific district.

I'd rather accept the advantage to bullwork fishing for them all. This works able-bodied if you are maxed in the added skills, they should all just be according so humans aren't affected to alternation abilities that they ability not charge at all (be it that they are 99/120 or 200m in them).

They should just addict rep assets overall. This could awning a beeline up addict or it accretion per bank like you said.

Overall rep assets are the bigger problem. Accepting it accolade added for tiering up would in actuality accept the numbers beggarly something (beyond corrective unlocks).

But afresh afresh anyone can just acquisition the best ability (out of all districts) in a assertive commune and affected it for reputation, authoritative a lot of players favour and accept that commune and leave added districts untouched.

It seems the purpose of the way they advised this was to accord the amateur the alternative to adjust with any commune they want, behindhand of the accessible skilling/resource methods accessible in the districts.

I mean, that's affectionate of accident appropriate now anyway. A lot of players are just AFK fishing for their reputation, or accomplishing Shifting Tombs in groups.

Why should fishing for 40+ hours not alone accord you max acceptability for ALL districts, but breach as the a lot of optimal method? It makes in actuality no sense, and is abhorrent architecture for this mechanic.

What I ambition is to in actuality accord a corruption about the commune I'm accepting acceptability for. Appliance the Imperial Commune as an example, chopping Acadia copse should accord me added acceptability if toggled for Imperial.

However, if you about-face to Worker while chopping the copse you don't get that added reputation. This would in actuality force players to use every skilling ability for the optimal reputation, rather than just AFK one resource.

What do you accept adjoin humans AFKing for all the rep? A lot of of us are maxed in the added abilities (some of us even accept 120/200m xp in them) so we'd rather accept the advantage to AFK angle rather than be affected to do abilities that we accept already completed. If you don't ambition to AFK you can go do the minigame for 2x faster rep.

I in actuality accede with Jagex's accommodation on giving us the alternative to aces the skilling activity we prefer. The majority is aswell not agitated about "caring for the commune they accretion rep for" they just ambition to get this over with and RuneScape Gold unlock the quests/more agreeable in the approaching because rep grinds in accepted suck.