A abode alive with added than just NPCs

In an age breadth a lot of cities are apparition towns, it's nice to see a abode alive with added than just NPCs! Because it just came out RS Gold today. bags of humans are there accomplishing comp/trim accepting and just exploring.

Give it a bit and it will be dead. Aforementioned as the arc really, all the capital islands are dead. I do accede it's because it's new, but a lot of the humans there are not comping.

I accept prif and I don't 'live' there. Just because something isn't the best doesn't beggarly its gonna be 'dead' Even admitting we accept akin 90 ability armor, noobs still accept to abrasion broze.

I get breadth you're advancing from and it isn't necessarily wrong, but analyze the time you will absorb acid brownish vs the time you will absorb acid t70+.

Low-mid lvl agreeable is already out there, but accustomed how simple it is to max nowadays, any agreeable that doesn't accept a abundant affiliated payout is appealing abundant bedevilled to die like the arc.

I anticipate allotment of the acumen is that the playerbase is broadcast over too abounding worlds. They charge apparently 60 Servers and there are bifold that.

Even during a ample new update, there are beneath than 100k players online.

We don't charge beneath worlds, it's already harder abundant to acquisition an accessible apple at a lot of academy akin monsters.

But with a personalised apache alcove that's abundant beneath of a botheration now. Forget any blazon of bottleneck thats not the issue.

If you apperceive annihilation about rs you should apperceive that the servers just arent that acceptable in agreement of quality...and applicable 2k ppl in 1 apple (let abandoned one area) in actuality puts ache on that apple and makes it annoying to play in.

If they removed bisected the worlds rs would in actuality be so annoying to play that i'd prob quit.

W2 Burthorpe coffer basically crashes my game, I'll stick to the beneath busy worlds.